Garcia Research Group

Research Interests

Our research focus on the use of theoretical and computational methods to study aspects related to biomolecular dynamics and statistical mechanics. Our main research objectives are to understand the folding, dynamics and stability of biomolecules. Research interests include the hydrophobic effect, and enzyme catalysis, nucleic acid structure and dynamics, RNA folding, electrostatics, protein hydration, and peptide interactions with membranes.

Protein & RNA folding and dynamics

Membrane Protein interactions


Recent Publications

Urea.jpg Equilibrium Study of
Protein Denaturation by
Pressure.jpg The folding/unfolding
thermodynamics of the
Trp-cage mini protein
Loop1.png The Membrane Complex
between Transducin and
Dark-State Rhodopsin ...
Pores.jpg A mechanism for
translocation of the
HIV-1 TAT peptide...


Arginine-Rich Peptides
Destabilize the Plasma
Membrane ...
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